Chelsy Tang

Front-end Developer

React | React Native | React Router | styled-components | JavaScript ES6+
HTML5 | CSS3 | Git | GitHub | Visual Studio Code | Firebase | Heroku | Bootstrap | React Bootstrap

Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone Screenshot Gif

Netflix React Clone delivers the netflix experience using Cloud Database and Authentication via Firebase/Firestore


  • React Compound Components and Architecture
    Firebase | Fuse.js | rollup.js | styled-components


  • Sign Up, Sign In, Sign Out account
  • Browse categories or Search with Fuse.js
  • View Title, Description, and Show Rating
  • Play video of selected show

React toDoList App

React toDoList App Screenshot Gif

The GECKO To-Do-List Web App is a productivity tool designed for users to help them keep track of current tasks


  • React | Local Storage | React Bootstrap
    Heroku | CSS3


  • Create, Modify, Delete tasks
  • Select icon, title, goal, and description(s)
  • View tasks in a scrollable container
  • Save tasks to user's Local Storage

My Neighborhood API App

My Neighborhood API App Sscreenshot Gif

This web application was created for the Chingu Voyage 20 pre-work. Application pulls data from MapBox's API


  • JavaScript | MapBox API | Html5 | CSS3


  • Toggable Hamburger Menu Bar
  • Search Bar displays filtered coordinates
  • Discover 5 location markers with pop-up descriptions
  • Live map using Mapbox API

React Native Chatroom App

React Native Chatroom App Screenshot Gif

A ChatRoom Application where users can register a name, send messages, and receive messages from other users.


  • React Native | Expo | Firebase | Local Storage


  • Register your chatroom name
  • Send messages in the chatroom
  • Receive incoming chatroom messages
  • Access on any web or mobile device